Project Description
This is a cookie checking module, written by Will Strohl. Its purpose is to allow you to check to see if your website visitors have cookies enabled or not. Such a process is only reliable on the client-side. This version is compatible with DNN version 4.06.02 and up.

WillStrohl.CookieCheck Module

This module is meant to make the life of admins easier, by supplying them with an easy way to check their website visitors cookie setting. If a cookie is not allowed to be saved on the visitor's web browser, a prominent message is displayed to them. This message also supplies information to them on how to enable cookies.

Just install the module, and place it on all pages where you would like for the cookie verification to occur.

Please Note: It is suggested that you disable "Display Container" setting in the module settings for this module.

Minimum System Requirements

DotNetNuke version: 4.06.02 through 5.00.01
SQL Server version: 2000 and up
.Net Framework version: 2.0

Cookies Enabled View


Cookies Disabled View


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